2022-2023 Winter Registration



PHYSICALS MUST BE DATED JUNE 1, 2022, OR AFTER, to be valid for the 2022-2023 school year. They are then valid until May 31st, 2023 or the conclusion of the spring sports season, whichever is later

***Is your student a transfer student this year?  If so, please complete the PIAA Transfer Waiver Request Form given to you by the Admissions Office***

 - OR -

Print the following form and complete:  Athletic Transfer Form

This form MUST be handed in to the Athletic Office within one week of enrolling at Shanahan.

All Athletes:

Please choose a sport and scroll down to “Participant Information” and fill out each field. Required fields have a red star. When finished, click "Submit" located in lower right hand corner. You will receive a confirmation email that it was completed. If you do not receive an email, please go back through and find what you are missing and resubmit.

Athletes who did not participate in a fall sport:

Print Out Section 6 and Section 7 of the PIAA CIPPE form.  Complete Section 6 and the top of Section 7 and take to an Authorized Medical Examiner. Once Section 7 has been completed by the Authorized Medical Examiner, upload Section 7 later in this document. (Forms must be completed after June 1, 2022) 

Athletes who participated in a fall sport:

Use the autofill function to add your registration from the previous season. Complete Section 9 of the PIAA CIPPE form if you did see a doctor for any medical treatment since Section 7 was completed and uploaded for your prior registration.  YOU MUST UPLOAD SECTION 9 RE-CERTIFICATION BY A PHYSICIAN BEFORE YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE IN YOUR WINTER SPORT!!!

Full PIAA form can be accessed below, which includes Sections 6, 7, and 9 as needed.  No other sections are necessary and will not need to be uploaded.

Please print out the PIAA CIPPE form here

Please contact Tech Support if you need further assistance with the online forms/software:

Phone: (844) 367-6735

Email:  support@formreleaf.com

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