2021-22 Fall, Winter, Spring Sports Season (BSD)


Burlington School District Athletics

Welcome to the Burlington School District online sports and health office registration platform.  We have made some efficiency changes this year to streamline the process. 

NEW this year: you may register your child(ren) for multiple sports seasons simultaneously (i.e. you fill out, or confirm, the information for one, two, or all three seasons, once)!

Also NEW this year is the ability to register your child(ren) for middle school athletics for both Edmunds and Hunt Middle Schools on FormReLeaf! If you have children at both the high school and middle school levels, enjoy completing their registrations all in one place!

Registration Renewals: IF you completed the online registration last year, simply use the SAME email address and login. IF your child is anticipating playing a sport, select the appropriate season (fall, winter, and/or spring), gender (if applicable) and sport (i.e. fall-girls-soccer or winter-boys-hockey). Please make sure to change any essential information (i.e. phone numbers, grade or medical/insurance information before submitting). Any items marked with an "*" (asterisk/red star) are "required" items, and your registration will not be accepted if that item is not answered. To submit, click the "Submit" button located in the lower right-hand corner.

First Time Registration: IF this is your first time registering a student using FormReLeaf, you will need to complete the information requested below. The process will take 15-20 minutes and you will need to have/know your doctor's phone number, insurance information, etc. Any items marked with an "*" (asterisk/red star) are "required" items and your registration will not be accepted if that item is not answered.

When you have successfully completed the online registration process, you will receive an immediate confirmation email.

In addition, athletes are required to have a current physical on file. The Nurses office must have a current (dated within two years) "BSD Athletics Well-Exam" on file before the athlete may try-out, start practice, or participate in our co-curricular programs. If you have not filed the "Athletics Well Exam" form with us, please head to the Burlington Athletics Home Page, click the “Forms & Resources” tab under the “About” section and click on the Athletics Well-Exam Form, print out the form and bring it to your physician to complete. Once completed, you can:

  • Bring it to your Athletic Coordinator: Jeff Hayes (BHS), Ryan Hayes (Hunt), Tara “TK” Willetts (Edmunds)

  • Mail it to your school: BHS (67 Cherry St. Burlington, Vt 05401), HMS (1364 North Ave. Burlington, VT 05408), EMS (275 Main St. Burlington, VT 05401)

  • Scan and email it to: Jeff Hayes (BHS) at jphayes@bsdvt.org, Ryan Hayes (HMS) at rhayes@bsdvt.org, Tara “TK” Willetts (EMS) at twillett@bsdvt.org 

We MUST have the physical form on file prior to the start of your child's season.  

Sports Season Start Dates:

  • Fall sports begin Monday, August 16 (football) and August 19 (all other fall sports).

  • Winter sports start on Monday, November 29, 2021.

  • Spring sports start on Monday, March 18, 2022.

ALL "Technical" issues should be directed to the customer service representatives of Form ReLeaf at: 1-844-367-6735

Thanks...we look forward to serving you.  #SEAHORSEPRIDE #GOSEAHORSES #BSDVTATHLETICS #WeALLBecomeSEAHORSES

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