2021 Sports Registration


Welcome to Charles Herbert Flowers High School

You must be eligible to participate in Interscholastic Athletics. Please review the following list with your parents. If you have questions, see your Athletic Director. You must complete this registration and be cleared before you can begin tryouts. Please fill out all appropriate blanks and submit the online registration. Missing information will prevent form submission. Permission to participate is not granted unless cleared by the Athletic Director. Permission applies only to the sports specified in your online registration. Please select ALL the sports you intend to participate during the school year, to avoid having to register more than one time.

Eligibility Requirements:

There are academic requirements for participation in Interscholastic Sports.  Student grades are calculated and reported as four quarters throughout the school year.  The minimum grade-point average (GPA) is 2.0.  Eligibility for the Fall sports season will be based on a student's 4th quarter GPA at the end of the prior school year.  Incoming 9th graders are automatically eligible to participate in fall sport season.

Insurance Requirements:

Parents/guardians’ must provide insurance coverage for their son/daughter. If they become injured while participating in athletics, the school system will not cover medical expenses. The Prince George’s County Public School System has arranged for a Student Accident Insurance Policy that parents/guardians can purchase. Parents/Guardians can purchase a low-cost student accident insurance plan for the school year. The purchase of this insurance coverage is directly between you and the insurance company. The school does not provide insurance for athletes. 

*Fall Conditioning March 10 - March 26

*Spring Try-Outs- April 6 

I am officially enrolled in High School

I received a 2.0 or above during the previous quarter.

I am younger than age 19 prior to September 1 2020.



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Athletic Director
Charles H. Flowers
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