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Welcome to our world, “The Other Side of Education”.  The Office of Interscholastic Athletics of Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) believes that interscholastic athletics is a way to achieve a balanced educational program for our students.  As we all know athletic competition, by its nature, will contribute to greater student awareness of self-discipline, a growth in emotional maturity, and an increasing realization of the worth of the individual.  Students will also realize that participation in athletics is not only a privilege, but is also an honor that requires responsibility for maintaining one’s academic standing in the classroom and for maintaining a high standard of conduct.

The Prince Georges County Public School Athletic Association (PGCAA) is the governing body of PGCPS Interscholastic Athletics Program for the high schools.  PGCAA is composed of sports representatives, athletic directors, and a principal liaison.   The association is administered by the Coordinating Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics and is presided over by its President of the Association.

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Coaches Personnel Database
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