2020 - 2021 Middle School Student Athlete Registration

Fall Soccer for Student Athletes in Grades 7 or 8

Form submission deadlines: Friday, August 28, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are changes to Sports Registration.  

Step 1: Complete the FormReLeaf registration.

Step 2: The athlete’s doctor and parent must complete the New Jersey Preparticipation Physical Evaluation PPE and the NJ Health History Update Questionnaire.  Scan the PPE and Health History Update Questionnaire and email the forms to CMSSportsregistration@bhpsnj.org to allow for contactless submission.

  • Page 1 of the PPE, The Health History, must be completed by the parent.  All YES answers on the History Form must be explained.  All cardiac history or testing (ECG, EKG, Echocardiogram, etc.) noted on the History Form requires cardiac clearance by the student athlete’s doctor.

  • Page 3 & 4 must be completed and signed by a physician who has completed the Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module.

  • Each student athlete in grades 6 through 12 must present a completed PPE form based on a physical conducted within 365 days prior to the first day of tryouts. 

  • The Berkeley Heights School District Physician (Care Station) must approve and sign the PPE performed by a private doctor after it is submitted to the Health Office before the student will receive clearance to participate.  This process can take up to 10 days.

  • If the athlete requires emergency medication (Epipen or inhaler), forms completed by the private physician are required.  Permission for self-administration is strongly encouraged.  If self-administration permission is not included, 2 sets of EpiPens and/or inhaler are required - one to remain at school and one for the coach to carry.   Medication Forms

Step 3: Athletes participating in at least one sport and any activities must pay the 2020-2021 activity fee of $100.00 in September before tryouts begin via PayForIt

  • Students participating in activities but NO sports must pay a fee of $75.00.  The maximum fee for a family (all schools) is $350.

  • To register on the PayForIt website the PowerSchool student ID number following the Last name, First name, MI on the Demographic Update page in the parent portal of PowerSchool, is necessary. All PayForIt fee questions should be directed to the BH Board of Education, Business Office/Mrs. Scarpati at mscarpati@bhpsnj.org.

Contact Us
Susan Prendeville RN, CSN, MSN
School Nurse
908-464-1600 x 1630
Ann Clifton
Athletic Director
(908) 464-3100 x2545
Columbia Middle School
345 Plainfield Ave
Berkeley Heights, NJ, 07922

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