2021-2022 Athletic Registration FALL

Franklin Middle School parents, guardians, and student-athletes,

Welcome to Form Releaf, a secure registration platform that provides you with an easy, user-friendly way to register for Franklin Middle School Athletics. Sports registration will be done electronically except for the sports physical forms and the Covid-19 sign-off sheet. Sports physical forms can be scanned and sent to the Athletic Activity Advisor, in addition to being uploaded to this portal after it has been signed/stamped by a medical professional.

To Register: 

1. Select a Sport for the current season.

You will also choose which sport you are signing up for.  You are allowed to register for ONE sport PER SEASON.  Each season’s sports will open up close to the season start date, so some sports may look locked/closed, however they will open closer to the start of that sport season, so don’t worry!  

Here is the breakdown:

FALL - register Aug 25 WINTER - register Nov 1 SPRING - register Mar 1

Badminton Girls Basketball Tennis

Cross Country Boys Basketball Track & Field

Ex: A student can register for Badminton in the Fall, Basketball in the Winter, and Track & Field in the Spring.  Plus, here at FMS, this student could also still participate in other intramural activities such as our DragonBall Basketball tournament and also attend Archery practices and events!

2. Fill in all the required fields of information.  

To complete the registration process you will need to provide contact information for the athlete, parents/guardians, and emergency contacts, as well as Health insurance and Doctor information.

3. To complete the PHYSICAL EVALUATION form and upload correctly: 

  • Print out all pages of the UPDATED 2021-2022 PHYSICAL EVALUATION FORM. English or Spanish.

  • Complete sections of the form  for the parent/participant before going to the doctor.

  • Have your doctor/authorized medical examiner complete all required sections of the form.  They must also sign and stamp the form.  If you have had an exam within the calendar year, you may be able to forward these forms to the doctor to complete.

  • Once completed by the Authorized Medical Examiner, submit ALL pages in order to participate.  Upload to your online registration, and ADD the DATE OF YOUR PHYSICAL.  In addition, email the document to Coach Gordon at jgordon2@bcps.org and Nurse V at vmarrero@bcps.org, in order to have it on file at school.

4. Review and Sign Off on the following items:

  • Heat Acclimatization

  • Sudden Cardiac Awareness

  • Informed Consent Video

  • Concussion Policies  

For sports related questions, contact the Athletic Activity Advisor, Jaclyn Gordon at jgordon2@bcps.org.

Technical issues with the website should be directed to the customer service representatives of Form ReLeaf at: 1-844-367-6735

Contact Us
Jackie Gordon
Franklin Middle School
10 Cockeys Mill Road
Reisterstown, MD, 21222

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