Fall 2021

Requirements to Participate(below teams)

1. Student Athletes must be Academically Eligible by both CIAC requirements and Career RHS requirements.

2. Students must have a current and accurate physical clearing them to participate in athletics. Please see our school nurse today to check on the status of your physical examination. The physical must be effective through the following dates.

3. Students must complete the NHPS: a) Informed Consent and Release form b) Parental Permission for Participation in Athletics form.
            -Please visit www.formreleaf.com to sign up and view all consent forms.

4. Contact the Head Coach or Athletic Facilitator to inquire about tryouts.

5. All papers must be up-to-date and approved 1 week prior to Tryouts. A student is Never allowed to tryout unless all approved documents are submitted.


​                        - For any questions concerning athletics please contact Michael Giardini.  

To View the Coaches Handbook Click Here

To View the Student-Parent Teacher Handbook Click Here

To VIew the Medical Packet Click Here

Contact Us
Michael Giardini
Athletic Facilitator
Hill Regional Career High School
140 Legion Ave, New Haven, CT 06519

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