2020 Spring Athletic Programs

New Sports Physical Requirement (Well Child Exam) Starting in school year 2017-2018

Leland and Gray will be requiring a Well Child Exam every year for students
7-12 planning on participating in a Co-curricular Athletic Activity. All
 students who participate in a sport, are required to have insurance and
 this Well Child Exam should be covered by the insurance. If there are
any hardships due to insurance and/or cost, please contact the School
Nurse at x 126. 
Please contact your child's provider to schedule an appointment.

Please CLICK HERE for the Physical Form. This form needs to be filled out and signed by a physician. Please hand in form to the Athletic Director.


March 16th, Monday - First day of pitchers and catchers for High School Baseball

March 23th Monday - First day of full team practice for High School Baseball, Softball, Ultimate Disc and Track and Field

First day of practice for Middle School Baseball, Softball and Track and Field-TBD

PLEASE NOTE: If your child played a fall sport, simply click on the "auto fill" drop down box and "select a registrant." All previously saved information will populate in the required fields. Please make sure to change any required information e.g. phone numbers or medical/insurance information. Reminder: Any question with a red star is required in order to complete the registration. A new additional field has been added: Optional PE Credit, please make sure to check the appropriate field.

Please call Tech Support if you need further assistance @ 1-844-367-6735

Contact Us
Marty Testo
Athletic Director

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