2020-2021 Athletics Registration

Thank you for taking time to register to participate in Mardela Athletics! 

We are very excited to continue our online method of registering for your convenience.

Please note: This is MANDATORY for all HIGH SCHOOL Athletes.  It is NOT necessary to register for middle school sports.

Registration Process:

1.Online Registration (scroll down to bottom of page to start)

2.Submit completed and valid Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation to Head Coach CLICK HERE (valid for only one year)

3.All registering participants will then be screened for academic eligibility, school enrollment and various other Mardela High School,
Wicomico County Public School and MPSSAA eligibility requirements prior to participation. 

Please note that completing the online registration is only the initial step in the registration process and does not guarantee participation.  

Some great features:

*Register for multiple sports by using the "Auto-fill" option after the initial season 
* Contact the help line for all trouble shooting items: (844) 367-6735

Need Insurance?:

If you need to purchase School Insurance, please visit the following website (Click Here).  Students cannot participate without insurance. Be
 sure to list "School" as the type of insurance when prompted to provide
 carrier after you purchased it from the link provided.  Proof of
purchase will be required after registration.  

Contact Us
Courtney Wisk
Athletic Trainer
Mike Campbell
Mardela Middle and High School
24940 Delmar Rd
Mardela Springs, MD, 21837
United States

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