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High School Fall Coaches Contact Info:
    • ​Field Hockey    Kristen Amato 
    • Football            Alex Rotsko    
    • X-Country        Matt Sanzone   
    • Golf                  Mike Corriveau
    • Boys Soccer    Ben Deschene 
    • Girls Soccer     Chelsea Watson
    • Cheering          Brooke Frank   
    • Volleyball         Rob Childs       

    * HS Fall practices begin August 16, 2021

    MS Fall Coaching Contact Info: 
    • 6-7-8 X-Country        Barbara Mundell
    • 8th Boys Soccer       Bobby Pratt                 
    • 7th Boys Soccer       TBD        
    • 8th Girls Soccer        Elizabeth Mulcahy
    • 7th Girls Soccer        Alex Foote      
    • 8th Field Hockey       Danielle Durgin        
    • 7th Field Hockey       TBD        
    MS Start Date is  September 08, 2021

    HS Winter Coaches Contact Info

    • Boys Basketball   Bobby Pratt     
    • Girls Basketball    TBD                    
    • Wrestling               Tom Howarth   
    • Cheering                Brooke Frank
    • Alpine Skiing          Rich Luciano
    • Indoor Track           Matt Sanzone
    • Ice Hockey             Eric Royal  

    High School Winter Practices begin as follows:

    • TBA - Basketball, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Comp Cheering,  and Indoor Track
    • TBA - Ski Team 
    • TBA - Unified Basketball​

           High School Winter Season II Coaches Contact Info 

                      Rob Childs                  

              Practice starts February 22nd. 

     *******************************************************Sports at Marshwood Middle School will begin as follows:

    •  Boys & Girls Basketball      TBA
    •  Cheering                              TBA
    •  Wrestling                              TBA                

          MS Winter Coaches Contact Info

    • Cheering               TBD
    • 7th Boys BB          Bob Mitchell           
    • 8th Boys BB          TBD
    • 7th Girls BB          Heather Muzeroll-Roy
    • 8th Girls BB          Ashleigh Locke       
    • Wrestling              Justin Hewitt            
    High School Spring Coaches Contact Info:
    • Boys Baseball           Eric Wells 
    • Girls Softball             Peter Eastman   
    • Boys Lacrosse          Ralph Ruocco
    • Girls Lacrosse           Bernie Marvin
    • Boys Tennis              TBD
    • Girls Tennis               Paul Bois  
    • Boys Track & Field   Matt Sanzone
    • Girls Track & Field    Matt Sanzone
    * High School Spring Practices begin as follows:

     March  23rd - High School Baseball and Softball Pitchers and Catchers.
       March 30th - All other High School Sports. Please check DigitalSports for individual practice schedules.

    Middle School Spring Coaches Contact Info:

    • "8th Grade" Boys Baseball         Ian Parmley     
    • "7th Grade" Boys Baseball         TBD
    • "8th Grade" Girls Softball           Danielle Durgin
    • "7th Grade" Girls Softball           Maddie Eastman
    •  Boys & Girls Track & Field         Kathryn Sanzone
    •  Girls Lacrosse                            TBD
    •  Boys Lacrosse                           TBD

    Middle School Spring Practices begins on TBD.

    Important: Physical Information

    All students must have an up to date physical that lasts them through the sports season in which they participate. Physicals should not run out during the season.  Free physicals are given at Seacoast Orthopedics.  Click on the link for information and please turn a copy into the main office of the school that your son/daughter attends.  Click here


    All high school and middle school students who wish to participate in activities outside of the school day are required to abide by all applicable eligibility rules as defined below.

    A. Requirements for Participation for all students

    1. Physical Examination - A yearly physical exam is required for all students who participate in interscholastic sports, including the tryout period. A student must provide written proof of a physical examination within 365 days of his/her previous exam and that verification must be on file with the school nurse. Physicals will be considered valid for 13 months. 

    2. Attendance - Regular school attendance is required. A student who arrives after 9:00 a.m. is dismissed from school early, or misses any part of the school day may not participate unless excused beforehand and approved by the principal. 

    3. Obligations - Students who owe obligations to the school (library fines, books, uniforms from previous seasons, etc.) will not be permitted to participate until those obligations are satisfied.

    4. Acknowledgment of Risk/Emergency Medical Authorization - Prior to participation, parents and students must complete the online registration on

    5. Medical Insurance - All athletes must provide proof of medical insurance coverage in order to participate. The school does provide insurance for a fee if families do not carry their own.

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