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Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 co-curricular athletic and student activities programs at West Rutland School (MS/HS). You are to be commended on your decision to participate in co-curricular activities. In choosing to become involved in your school outside of the classroom, not only will you experience enjoyment, competition and camaraderie, but you have also made a commitment to your team or group, your school, and your community. An important aspect of your participation is honoring that commitment. Athletics and activities are valuable components of education and I hope you find your experience here at West Rutland School to be rewarding and enjoyable. This manual is designed to provide students and parents with information about athletics and student activities. Parents please familiarize yourselves with this information so that you and your child(ren) understand and accept responsibility for our rules and policies.

Activities Philosophy

In keeping with the expressed goal of educating the entire individual, West Rutland School provides our students with opportunities for participation in a variety of extracurricular programs.

Our extra-curricular program provides experiences that will help our students’ progress both physically and mentally. With the expertise, dedication and effort of our coaches and advisors, students will be assisted and encouraged to develop the skills and knowledge of each sport and activity in which they participate.

Students are stimulated to strive for individual excellence while, at the same time, they are learning the value of team spirit and good sportsmanship. Our students, whether participants or spectators, recognize participation in extracurricular activities, is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities. They are not only representing themselves, but their conduct is a reflection on their coaches, advisors, teammates, student body, and entire community.

Student participants must also accept a code of conduct that extends beyond the school day. This includes strict adherence to rules, academic requirements, courtesy, and respect for others. It is this commitment that separates West Rutland student-participants from non-participants. Our students will add to the proud tradition of West Rutland activities.

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